About the tools

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There are several tools resulting from our work over the last 15 years that we now use frequently. We published them, so others might use them as well to support their (self) evaluations. You might want to look at the information given on this website about the `Eval-Wiki: Glossar der Evaluation´ (glossary including English and French translations, descriptions and references to approximately 420 technical terms of evaluation) (Link zu Glossary) and the logic model `Programmbaum´.

The Gesellschaft für Evaluation’s (DeGEval) „Evaluation Standards“ have been published in English language.

Over the years we translated some of the evaluation checklists of the Western Michigan University’s Checklist Project http://www.wmich.edu/evalctr/checklists/) using the technical terms as defined in our glossary. You’ll find the translated checklists at our German website (Link zu http://www.univation.org/checklisten).

Since 1997 we host the mailing list `forum evaluation´ https://lists.uni-koeln.de/mailman/listinfo/forum-evaluation) which is now used by approximately 750 evaluators and people interested in evaluation (mostly from Germany, Austria, Switzerland) to discuss all matters related to evaluation, announce events or inform about calls for proposals and job postings. The list is in German language, but you may post your inquiries in English.

Together with our partner socialnet we maintain the website www.selbstevaluation.de that gives information and references on the topic of self evaluation. We are currently working on an English translation.

The Evaluator Lars Balzer offers on his portal news and links about evaluation (links, calendar and literature).

Programme tree

The logic model `programme tree´ and its elements

The logic model `programme tree´ was developed by Wolfgang Beywl and Univation. We use it to understand and describe our evaluation objects and to structure our line of action – be it evaluation or consulting. It is also used as a basis for communication about the evaluation object and our tasks and it helps to develop our designs. Program managers can use it to reappraise and further develop their concepts. Generally it helps us to foster the evaluation’s (process) use and utilization.


Evaluation Glossary - `Eval-Wiki: Glossar der Evaluation´

Since autumn 2010 Univation hosts the free of charge online-glossary `Eval-Wiki: Glossar der Evaluation´, where now about 420 technical terms of evaluation are defined. The Wiki also gives an English and French translation as well as references. We constantly work on improving the descriptions and add new terms. Your are welcome to use the glossary or register and comment on our definitions and translations.