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Below you’ll find a selection of projects conducted by Univation. We chose projects with international partners or on an international scale as well as projects that show the variety of our services. You can find a full list of our projects on the gernab page (starting 1998, German only).

Completed projects

Revision of a quality development tool in HIV prevention - QIPhiv

QIP (Quality in Prevention) is a scientifically-based tool for quality development in the field of prevention. It has been adapted to international use in HIV prevention by the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA). Univation has been commissioned by the BZgA to update the tool and make it more user-friendly.

Evaluation of the BZgA info-tour `Alkohol? – Kenn dein Limit!´

The campaign `Alkohol? – Kenn dein Limit!´ (alcohol? – know your limit!) provides adults with information on minimizing the risk of alcohol consumption. A part of the campaign is a mobile, interactive/hands-on exhibition at locations with high foot traffic (railway stations, shopping centers). Local partners in the field of prevention of alcoholism present their information and services to the public.

TEVAL – Innovative Evaluation Model in Teaching and Training

TEVAL is a European Lifelong Learning project aimed at enhancing the competence evaluation process of teaching and training practitioners. The focus is on the development of framework of common competences recognizable throughout Europe, and also on the evaluation process itself. The first phase of the project (TEVAL I) was run as a 30 months "Leonardo da Vinci" pilot project and finished in 2007. Funding was approved in November 2007 to further develop the Phase I outcomes under the Transferability theme of the new "Lifelong Learning" program.

Current projects

Evaluation of the federal support program “IQ – Integration durch Qualifizierung” (integration by means of qualification)


The federal support program “IQ“ (2011-2014) aims at an improved integration of adults with a migration background into the job market. Since 2005 corresponding instruments and concepts have been developed. Now networks are established and widened out in every federal state of Germany to coordinate existing services, identify lacks and create new services, facilitate and simplify the recognition of foreign qualifications and support migrants in job-seeking. Staff of institutions that work within this field of action are advised and trained to enhance their cross-cultural competencies.

Process evaluation concerning prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases within the campaign `ICH WEISS WAS ICH TU´

Univation is commissioned to evaluate elements of the campaign `ICH WEISS WAS ICH TU´(`I know what I’m doing´), carried out by Deutsche Aids-Hilfe e. V. The process evaluation aims at providing information for the further development of these elements (campaign website, facebook appearance, online health support, collaboration with Facharbeitskreis Schwule Prävention, pilot project in rural regions, ...).

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