TEVAL – Innovative Evaluation Model in Teaching and Training

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TEVAL is a European Lifelong Learning project aimed at enhancing the competence evaluation process of teaching and training practitioners. The focus is on the development of framework of common competences recognizable throughout Europe, and also on the evaluation process itself. The first phase of the project (TEVAL I) was run as a 30 months "Leonardo da Vinci" pilot project and finished in 2007. Funding was approved in November 2007 to further develop the Phase I outcomes under the Transferability theme of the new "Lifelong Learning" program. The aim is now to transfer the developing methodologies to more countries – especially those newly accepted as members of the European Community.

TEVAL II was carried out by a partnership made up with expert institutions in evaluation from seven European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and United Kingdom.

Term: 2005-2007/2007-2009

Contact: Berthold Schobert