Evaluation of the BZgA info-tour `Alkohol? – Kenn dein Limit!´

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The campaign `Alkohol? – Kenn dein Limit!´ (alcohol? – know your limit!) provides adults with information on minimizing the risk of alcohol consumption. A part of the campaign is a mobile, interactive/hands-on exhibition at locations with high foot traffic (railway stations, shopping centers). Local partners in the field of prevention of alcoholism present their information and services to the public.

Univation carried out the evaluation of the mobile exhibition, questioning visitors (on-site and follow-up) and local partners to assess the extent of goal achievement and present ideas for further development of the exhibition.

Campaign-Website (German): http://www.kenn-dein-limit.de/

Commissioned by: Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA)

Term: 05/2012-12/2013

Contact: Katharina Klockgether