EQUAL – Evaluation of the Transnational Cooperation `Improving Childcare´

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More than 40 European organizations, already involved in national projects aimed at improving childcare services and parents' life and work conditions, committed themselves to share their knowledge and work within the framework of a transnational partnership. The partners of the Transnational Cooperation (TC) ‘Improving Childcare: Needs of children and families – demands of the labour market’ are Development Partnerships, financially supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) in the contexts of EQUAL II: ABC Arbeit Betreuung Chancengleichheit (Germany), ECCE AMA – Childcare in learning networks (Belgium), FORWARD! Family and Work Reconciliation Development (Lithuania), QUALIflex ­ Qualität und Flexibilität in der Kinderbetreuung (Luxemburg), UNE ARDEUR D'ENFANCE (Belgium).

The transnational cooperation aims at reducing the discrimination of women on the labor market, reducing the unemployment and ameliorating the quality in the fields of child care and social services provided to vulnerable families. Main focus of the collaboration is the exchange of information and experiences and joint product development. The purpose of the evaluation in its formative part was to supply the transnational partners with information which provides the opportunity to them to reflect and improve the management of the co-operation process. The summative part of the evaluation contributed to the validation and mainstreaming of good practice.

Here you’ll find the evaluation’s final report and its appendix.

Term: 06/2006-12/2007

Contact: Dörte Schott