mitWirkung! - An initiative for youth involvement

The Bertelsmann foundation started this initiative to create opportunities for the involvement of children and teenagers, to give them possibilities to co-decide in the definition of our future society and participate in social controversies.

`Kinder früher fördern´

In 2003, the Bertelsmann foundation has started this project with the main idea to encourage children, support them in developing their personality and stimulate learning processes. The evaluation focuses the goal achievement of the project and its sub-projects.

Evaluation `JobPromote´

`Job Promote´ is a pilot project for the employment promotion of special target groups and the testing of combined wages. The evaluation has been conducted to examine the conditions of goal achievement and the effectiveness of several project modules.

Contact:  Susanne Mäder

Evaluation of the Project `Smooth transition to Secondary School´- Municipality of Troisdorf

Against the background of the fact that the transition from primary to an appropriate secondary school constitutes a challenge for teachers and parents, the city of Troisdorf has launched a project to "smoothen" this transition. An important element is the introduction of competence assessment questionnaires.

Evaluation Consultancy for Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale)

Concerning the inspection of cultural and political guidelines and goals, the Berlinale is currently developing approaches for self- and inhouse-evaluation, whereas Univation is offering support services. Currently, two sectors of the Berlinale are planning and testing evaluations: "generation" and "talent campus"

Contact: Melanie Niestroj


`Vielfalt tut gut´- Academic Support Services


"Vielfalt tut gut" is a programme launched by the ministry of families, senior citizens, women and youth (BMFSJ). It is located in the field of cultural diversity and prevention of racism and xenophobia.

Evaluation of the programme Chancen= Gleichheit

Chancen=Gleichheit- "Equal opportunities for women and men" is a programme initiated by the foundation of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. By means of selected exemplary practical and scientific projects, equal opportunities in various fields of life shall be enhanced.

Univation provides a consulting service for the reporting and supports the self-evaluation of the projects.

Contact: Melanie Niestroj

Evaluation of the `training voucher´

In cooperation with the research group SALSS in Bonn, Univation is evaluating the "training voucher" (Bildungscheck) a funding instrument introduced in the federal state of North-Rhine-Westphalia/Germany which aims at enhancing and fostering the participation in continuing education.

In the scope of the evaluation, several European funding instruments shall be integrated in order to compare results, include successful and avoid critical options.

Contracting entity: Ministry of labour, health and social affairs, North-Rhine-Westphalia

Wie Unternehmen von Evaluation profitieren können

In der Februar/März Ausgabe der Zeitschrift gmbhchef. erschien jüngst ein Interview mit Univations-Geschäftsführer Berthold Schobert zur Frage, wie auch Unternehmen durch Evaluation profitieren können.

Sie finden das Interview hier als Download

Frühjahrstagung zur Didaktik der Evaluation

Am Freitag, den 04.04.2008 findet in Berlin die diesjährige Frühjahrstagung des Arbeitskreises Aus- und Weiterbildung in Evaluation der Gesellschaft für Evaluation (DeGEval) statt, die sich in diesem Jahr dem Thema `Didaktik der Evaluation´ widmet.