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Mission Statement: creating benefit through evaluation

Scientific Evaluation plays an important role in the democratic political system. It promotes social and economic stability and development. Being aware of this responsibility we base our work on the Gesellschaft für Evaluation’s (DeGEval) „Evaluation Standards“, in whose further development we take an active part.

We carry out evaluations and support them. Moreover, we conduct research on evaluation and offer training on the topics of evaluation and self evaluation. We bond knowledge and experiences about these tasks to reach the highest quality.

We conduct evaluations for public and private clients and support their own evaluations. By consultation before and after the evaluation is done, we foster its highest use and utilization for upcoming decisions and improvements. In each case we choose methods that are most appropriate on a wide interdisciplinary basis and identify productive solutions for the clients’ intended uses together with stakeholders. Basic values and vital interests of the partners and affected persons are made visible; we take an evenhanded position. Careful clarification of the evaluation questions and its purposes as well as the continuing coordination of the evaluation designs assure use and utilization of evaluation findings. Our quality management settles our work’s processes, in particular the development and application of instruments as well as the examination and protection of data.

We conduct research on evaluation, take an active part in scientific events and conferences and publish to enhance and further develop theory and methodology of evaluation.

We design trainings in Evaluation grounded on the needs of our clients and work with German and foreign partners to implement training and education. Our tools and manuals guide and aid evaluation practice and support the self-directed acquisition of evaluation know-how.

Our staff’s profound knowledge and skills constitutes the success of our business. Our steady internal team is experienced on many fields of evaluation. According to the requests of certain evaluations it is complemented by established partners to ensure expertise regarding evaluation fields and subjects. Ongoing qualification and training enables our personnel to enhance their skills and knowledge of evaluation models and techniques and makes sure, they conduct their work with the best possible results.

Evaluation reports, publications and our website can be used to verify to what amount we meet our mission statement’s standards.