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Univation looks back at over ten years of planning and conducting evaluation projects in different dimensions and on different scales – program evaluation in most cases, policy evaluation in some. We evaluate in the fields of (vocational) education, labor market policy, social affairs, health and youth policy (among others). Amongst our clients are civil services, government agencies, foundations or private businesses.

According to our mission statement we shape every evaluation to maximize its use and utilization by commissioners and stakeholders. We act participatory, that is to say involve important stakeholders continuously and design the evaluation according to their needs. We take an evenhanded approach and respect vital issues of the program’s stakeholders.

Further principles of our work:

Field Expertise:

Univation works in several fields of evaluation. The members of our staff are not experienced in every field of evaluation themselves. To ensure expertise external partners complement our teams where needed.

Methods of Evaluation:

The subjects of our evaluations and the programs’ conditions tend to be complex. Evaluation designs need to fit both subject and stated evaluation purposes and questions. There isn’t one set of methods that can easily be applied to every evaluation project. We choose from a wide repertoire of methods and approaches and attune the designs to our clients’ needs individually.

Quality Assurance:

The ensure the quality of our evaluations, we use the Gesellschaft für Evaluation’s (DeGEval) „Evaluation Standards“ as a point of reference. We reflect upon our work continuously and invite clients to give feedback. Tools, our glossary, manuals and checklists we created for our work help us to meet the high standards of our clients and partners.

When we support evaluations that are conducted by others we try to enhance our clients’ evaluation capacity and help them increase use and utilization of their evaluations. Counseling can start at every stage of the evaluation – the stage of designing or data analysis.

In addition to conducting and counseling evaluations we offer different services for evaluators while carrying out an evaluation like for example data collection or analysis.

Projects: Berlinale, BZgA - Alkohol? Kenn dein Limit!

Please talk to us about our services and possibilities of cooperation.

Contact: Berthold Schobert